Explore your options for tarot card readings

When you'd like a little insight into your life, you may benefit from a tarot card reading. You can come to us for:

10-card long readings for $55
3 to 4 card short readings for $30
Past life readings for $40
Christmas present and future readings for $33
Sun, moon and star readings for $20
Women empowerment readings for $60
2022 full readings for $122

Our readings are all about the ripple effect, and the Moon Lady allows energy to come through, listen to spirit guides and relay whatever messages are coming through. We do not speak to the deceased. Email us now for a tarot reading.

Long Reading - Classic Celtic cross layout discussing who you are, what obstacles you face, your personal gifts, recent past, where you are headed, your environment, your hopes and fears, and more. Price for this reading is $55.00 
Short Reading - This is a 4 card reading.  This will layout Your past, your present, your future and one special clarifying card. Price for this reading is $30.00 
Woman’s empowerment  - This is a 6 card reading. This reading will tell you where your power lies, how you will rise up, how you can help others, your personal spiritual gift and more. Price for this reading is $60.00 
Our seasonal reading is available from now until July 9th is our 2022 Summer Solstice reading on sale this week for only $40.00!!! After June 19th the regular price will be $65