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Your practice is a part of every part of your life, so you'll want a local shop you can trust when you're seeking supplies. Sisters of the Moon is a metaphysical supply store in Linden, MI. With over 25 years of experience, our owner, the Moon Lady, has an extensive amount of experience helping others find what they need. We seek to spread joy and support our clients so they can expand their horizons.

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When you visit Sisters of the Moon or our crystal and stone shop, we invite you into a space where a calm, loving, and magical feeling welcomes you. Connecting with people and helping to find the perfect tools for each individual journey is a responsibility we take seriously. Choosing crystals, herbs, or your own personal divination tools can bring up questions. Let us help light your path with love, hope, support, and a special blend of knowledge, experience, and magic you can only find here.

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Do you want to expand your crystal selection? Are you looking for a new deck of tarot cards? Turn to us for help. We:

We're also glad to carry a variety of large crystals. Our owner goes above and beyond when sourcing herbs and crystals to ensure they come from an ethical source. Call 810-919-0904 now if you have any questions.