Our classes in Linden, MI are designed to help you experience true bonding with your loved ones

We at Sisters of the Moon in Linden, MI are passionate about helping people achieve hope and happiness. By offering a series of courses that are relaxing, entertaining and eye-opening, we help our guests foster strong feelings of self-love and experience meaningful quality time with those they love.

A group tarot reading is truly a bonding experience like no other. You're sure to learn more about those you've come with, and they'll also gain insight into the core of your being.

Quality time is so important, which is why we've created a safe and welcoming space where healing, bonding and growth can take place. Contact us today to learn more about our classes.

Upcoming Classes to look out for are:

The wheel of the year
Beginning work with crystals

Learn more about our classes

Whether you want to throw a great party for your friends or seek some understanding with a tarot reading, we have a class for you. You can:

Join us for a manifestation class for $50 a person
Discover your confidence in a self-love class for $50
Host a sip-and-paint class with tarot readings for $50 a person

We can host parties of up to seven people for sip-and-paint classes where you can bring your own wine, or we can provide it. Group tarot readings for these classes range from $20-$111. You may also join us for a painting class as an individual for $30. Contact us now to join a class.

Join your sisters in celebration of summer!

We will be discussing The Summer Solstice.

This evening will include information on why, and how to celebrate the solstice. What herbs, crystals, Goddess, and Gods are associated with the summer solstice. We will share a guided meditation, a light snack, and gift to take home.

The cost for this class will be $45 per person.